Tips for Delivering a Eulogy

Being asked to deliver a eulogy can be frightening if you’re not an experienced public speaker. Use these tips to help put your mind at ease and make your speech a success.

1. Write your speech out a few times

Writing your speech on paper a few times will help you become even more familiar with the way the speech flows. This will also give you another opportunity to edit your speech and make final improvements if needed.

2. Make note cards

No matter how confident you are that you have your speech memorized, having note cards ready is always a good idea. They provide you with a safety net should you stumble or need to reference a section of your speech. They are not only acceptable, but commonly used by professional speakers.

3. Practice your speech out loud

Practice, practice, practice. Speaking the words out loud will help build your confidence and develop comfort in delivering your eulogy. You will be able to practice:

  • pronouncing difficult words
  • your speaking pace
  • your speaking volume
  • pushing through any difficult parts that might cause you to become emotional.

4. Pace yourself

The best way to do this is to speak slowly and deliberately. This will also enable you to speak with a clear voice that can be heard by everyone.

5. Relax

Remember, you’re surrounded by friends and family. They are there to remember and relive happy memories. They are not judging you. They are supporting you.

If you become emotional, take as much time as you need to regain your composure. The guests will understand.

Be yourself, and make your speech fitting for your audience. Don’t be afraid to use a little humor to lighten the mood, especially if your loved one would have appreciated it.

Nobody expects perfection. Just do the best you can.

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